Casey is from Corpus Christi and went to The University of Texas at Austin. She left school to work, but twenty years after graduating from High School she returned to Austin and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education.

With degree in hand, Casey returned to the Financial Services industry. She spent the next twenty-five years as a Financial Advisor managing more than $65 million dollars for her clients. She retired from J P Morgan Chase in 2008 as a Vice President.

Casey’s pride and joy are her son and daughter. Both work in fields that contribute to humanity. Her son writes Environmental Policy for a non-profit and her daughter is a Clinical Psychologist at a VA hospital.

Though Casey knew she was different in the fourth grade, she actually came out at 40. Since that day she has volunteered for multiple organizations, but feels she found her Place when she joined Out for Education in 2007. She is passionate about building tomorrow’s leaders in the LGBTQIA+ community.