Donor Honor Roll

A Special Thanks to our 2020-2021 donors:

Mr. Michael Adams

David Alcorta/Alcorta Catering

Mr. Todd Amdor & Mr. Matthew Stone

Ms. Brenda Lou Bonham

In Honor of Cassie Bonham

Mr. Bob Briddick

In Honor of Jeffrey Bules & Steven Hand

Mr. Brent Braveman

Mr. Steven Bretthauer & Dr. Daniel Maxwell

In Memory of Kay Brown

Bunnies on the Bayou

Mr. Bob Burress & Mr. Tom Seymour

Ms. Mary-Mitchell Campbell

Mr. Robert Charles

Mr. Brad Chatellier

Mr. Kyle Clark

Mr. Kenneth Council

Mr. Steven Coward

Mr. Glenn Dickson

Mr. Richard Dickson

Mr. Charles Dillard

The Executive and Professional Association of Houston

Jeremy Fain

Steven Fenberg

Mr. Michael Freeman

Mr. Tom Fricke

Ms. Tania N. Friesen

Frost Foundation

Mr. Raed Gonzalez

In Memory of Terry Hamman

Mr. Kenner Harris

Mr. Randall Hendrick

Ms. Dawn Herrington

Mr. Bryan Hlavinka

Mr. Michael Holloman

Hollyfield Foundation

Mr. Edward Holmstrom

Ms. Casey Holtzman

Mr. Thomas M. Jones

Mr. Matthew Kinch

Steven Earl Kirkland

Mr. Daniel Kline

Mr. Ervin Knezek & Mr. Dave Bieniek

In Honor of Louis Morales Lopez

Ms. Andrew Lothian

Cyvia & Melvyn Wolff Family Foundation

Mr. Curtis Wolff

Mr. Luigi Major

Randy Mitchmore DDS

Mr. H. Joe Nelson

Mr. Ken Ng

OutReach United

OutSmart Magazine

In Memory of Cary Pasternak

Ms. Jan Pasternak & Ms. Renee Tappe

PFLAG Houston

Mr. David Putz

In Memory of Carlos A. Reyes, Jr.

Mr. Tyler Reeves

In Memory of Monica Roberts

Mr. Robert Scamardo

Mr. Michael Shell

Mr. James Silkorski

Mr. Doug Smith

Ms. Mary Smith

Mr. Ross Smith

Mr. Donald Upchurch

In Memory of Doug Upchurch

Mr. David Uthe

Mr. Cesar Villalta

Mr. Dustin Walker

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