Cesar Villalta

Cesar Villalta is one of our newer Board Members to Out for Education and is a newly minted Houstonian. He has been […]

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Dennis Draper

Dennis Draper was born and raised in Henderson, Texas and moved to the big city of Houston as quickly as he could […]

Dennis Draper2020-11-15T23:22:11+00:00

Emy Hernandez

A catalyst for social justice change and economic growth in our community.

Emy is Houston native and grew up in East End Houston. […]

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Casey Weil Holtzman

Casey is from Corpus Christi and went to The University of Texas at Austin. She left school to work, but twenty years […]

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2011 Year End Report Card

PHYSF has awarded scholarships to 58 different colleges & universities. In the 2011-12 academic year, our scholars attend many institutions, including:

  • Emerson College
  • Houston […]
2011 Year End Report Card2017-10-14T00:46:54+00:00
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