Out for Education awarded $100,000 in scholarships to 30 students for the 2018 academic year! Twenty-two new scholars and eight extension. Of the 22 new scholars, seventeen of them were graduating high-school seniors, four students currently attending various universities in the surrounding Houston area, and one Graduate student attending the University of Houston. Congratulations to the following students:

Our diverse group of 2017-18 scholars represent a variety of backgrounds, areas of study, ethnicities, genders, and gender identities.

Carter Johnstone
Michelle Katemauswa
Andrew Faris
Alfonso Gomez
Lynn Huynh
Diana Hernandez
David Garza-Urdiales
Dustin Chaveleh
Jesus Rivera
Erin Ibert
Christina Jones
Megan Smith
Stephany Rivera
Sean Stillion
Oscar Moguel

Melanie McNeil
Fabian De Leon
Wyatt Vascoe
Giselle Tinajero
Angelica Carroll
Jamelia Reed
Jamaal Locking
Kevin Nguyen
Juan Lejia
Adam Thomas
Carols Perez
Brian St. Hilaire
Merilyn Duarte
Gabriel Martinez
Brianna DeRoche