David Romero

David has been on the Out for Education Board since 2022. For the majority of his working career, he worked for a […]

David Romero2022-05-03T01:27:44-05:00

Roy Rivera Jr.

Roy Rivera Jr., PT, PhD, DPT, MCHES, is a licensed physical therapist and owner of Crom Rehabilitation in Houston and Pearland, Texas. […]

Roy Rivera Jr.2022-05-03T01:20:54-05:00

Rae Sanchez

Rae Sanchez is a native Texan, born and raised in South Texas and has moved around a bit – starting in Harlingen, […]

Rae Sanchez2022-05-03T01:20:03-05:00

Mark Reyna

Mark Reyna is a Communications & Creative Experience Leader with over 9 years of experience inspiring and motivating colleagues, clients and community […]

Mark Reyna2022-05-03T01:19:00-05:00

Darryl Whitaker

Darryl Whitaker was born in and grew up in Beaumont, Texas. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and an Master […]

Darryl Whitaker2022-05-03T01:18:10-05:00

Brandi Lira

Brandi Lira is a first-generation college graduate and professional born and raised in Houston, Texas. She has earned each of her college […]

Brandi Lira2022-05-03T00:56:15-05:00

Cesar Villalta

Cesar Villalta has been a Board Member with Out for Education for the last 2 years and is longtime advocate for advancing […]

Cesar Villalta2020-11-15T23:39:52-05:00
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